About the Institute

The Big History Institute

Established in 2012, the Big History Institute builds upon the pioneering role that Macquarie University has played in the evolution of the new discipline of Big History. We have a unique commitment to this initiative. We understand and embrace the transdisciplinary essence of Big History, and we are motivated by its transformational potential.

Macquarie University is the intellectual birthplace of Big History.  The current impact of Big History is the result of a significant research effort extending over many years.  The Institute consolidates our existing work and provides the opportunity to achieve another world first - an innovative centre dedicated to excellence in the key areas of Big History research, teaching, and outreach.

Our Mission

Big History Research

The Big History Institute will develop broad academic research agendas, and pursue specific research projects with academics based at Macquarie University as well as with leading international universities and research institutes. We also intend to pursue these goals by organising a series of international conferences on fundamental themes that cut across multiple disciplines. The Big History Institute will enable established Big History scholars to strengthen their networks through exchanges and visiting fellowships, as well as playing a vital role in training the next generation of Big History researchers.

Big History Teaching

Big History has been taught as a large first year course at Macquarie University since 1989, and more recently we have also begun teaching it at the graduate level. Our Big History: Connecting Knowledge Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is available online. The Big History Institute will continue to develop innovative teaching programs in Big History, provide a focus for existing graduate and PhD students, and provide opportunities for talented students from around the world. Macquarie also has a strong specialisation in education and teacher training, and the Big History Institute is committed to facilitating the training of school level Big History teachers.

Big History Outreach

The Big History Institute is dedicated to disseminating Big History to a wide global audience. We are committed to outreach efforts with schools and communities around the world to promote the study of Big History.  The Institute also engages in partnerships with organisations in the government, non-profit, and business sectors to collaboratively develop innovative outreach programs.