Our Membership Model

The Big History Institute embraces not just academia, but the broader educational, research, government, corporate, and non-profit sectors. We connect knowledge and bring together people in the following categories:

Academic Members

Academics from Macquarie University and our partner universities around the world.

Academic membership is by invitation. View the list

Associate Members

Teachers and educators from our partner schools and key internal and external collaborators from all sectors, who work with us on research, teaching, or outreach projects.

Associate membership is by invitation. See profiles of some of our Associate members

Student Members

The future of Big History lies with students, and the Big History Institute welcomes both school and university students from around the world. 

Read more about our students

Public Members

We welcome our public members as global citizens, lifelong learners, and enthusiastic advocates for Big History - playing an essential part in charting humanity's course through present and future global challenges. 

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