Our Partnership Model

Comprehensive Partnership Model

We have a comprehensive partnership designed to facilitate the positive global impact which is at the centre of our vision. Whilst all our memberships are individual, our partnerships are with selected entities around the world in the following categories:

Partner Universities: we are building a group of partner universities with an impressive capacity to advance our research and teaching objectives.

Partner Organisations: we understand the importance and value of high quality partnerships with organisations in the education, government, corporate non-profit sectors. For instance our work with Education Services Australia, a national, not-for-profit company owned by all Australian education ministers has been tremendously productive in mapping the Big History Project course to the Australian curriculum.

Partner Schools: we have developed a Partner Schools program to support schools and teachers committed to delivering an excellent Big History experience for students. Our Partner Schools program connects schools to a network which shares professional development experiences and expertise relevant to the needs of teachers implementing Big History in specific curriculum contexts, both in Australia and internationally.