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Big History embraces the sciences as well as the humanities.  It is a science-based origin story that links human history to the histories of the earth and the Universe as a whole. Our plans for the Institute represent an historic undertaking to advance the synthesis of knowledge.  The importance of connecting knowledge was stated eloquently by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Professor Murray Gell-Mann:

We live in an age of increasing specialisation, and for good reason. Humanity keeps learning more about each field of study; and as every specialty grows, it tends to split into subspecialties. That process happens over and over again, and it is necessary and desirable. However there is also a growing need for specialisation to be supplemented by integration. The reason is that no complex, nonlinear system can be adequately described by dividing it up into subsystems or various aspects defined beforehand. If those subsystems or those aspects, all in strong interaction with one another, are studied separately, even with great care, the results, when put together, do not give a useful picture of the whole. In that sense, there is profound truth in the old adage, "The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

Blue MarbleBlue Marble (Credit: NASA)

As the world becomes ever more inter-connected and complex, Big History provides powerful ways of thinking about the future. We look forward to working with supporters and partners around the world to realise the transformational potential of Big History. We invite you to share in our vision, and welcome your contribution.