2013 Conference: The Future of Education

Big History Conference 2013

The inaugural Big History and the Future of Education conference was a two-day event designed to bring together educators, scholars and policy makers, along with multimedia and technology innovators, to discuss the potential for Big History to be a major turning point in modern education. 

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Speakers included:

speaker portrait David ChristianProfessor David Christian - Historian and founder of Big History, Macquarie University

Bob Bain speakerBob Bain - Associate Professor in the Department of History and the Department of Educational studies at the University of Michigan, USA

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Topics and Sessions included: 

  • The Big History Project
  • The Big History, Technology and Online Learning
  • Big History Curriculum and Classrooms
  • Big History Institute and Educational Research Agendas
  • Big History, Literacies and Mixed Ability Learners
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Models and Implementation
  • Big History and the Australian Curriculum
  • Developing learning outcomes and assessment models for Big History