Professor David Christian receives the title of Distinguished Professor, and is awarded Macquarie University's Excellence in Research Award | October 2014

The two awards pay tribute to two key aspects of David's career: his research and his teaching.

The prestigious title of Macquarie University Distinguished Professor is awarded to eminent Professors of Macquarie University who are of exceptional distinction and who have made an outstanding contribution to their field or discipline and to Macquarie University. The award is a title of high honour and not routinely awarded, with only a few highly exceptional applicants receiving the title each year.

The title recognises David's outstanding efforts in learning and teaching achievements, community engagement, research team leadership, and international scholarship.

This week, David was also awarded Excellence in Research Award, within Social Sciences and Humanities. This award is designed to encourage and reward research involved in the creation and application of research outcomes the discovery of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understanding. David has received the award for his work with The Big History Project: Education for the Anthropocene. This project builds on David's innovative concept of 'Big History': the study of the past at universal scales.

The Big History Institute congratulates David's extraordinary career achievements.

Image: Professor David Christian with Professor Sakkie Pretorius, DVC (Research). 
Photo credit: Chris Stacey