Big History Institute collaborates in $2.3m project to transform science teacher training | April 2014

$2.3 million for tomorrow's teachers to open real science

Published: 9th April 2014
Source: Macquarie University Newsroom

A major national project was launched this week to meet the challenge of bringing authentic mathematics and science into the classroom, through revolutionising teacher training.

Hosted by Macquarie University, the "Opening real science: Authentic mathematics and science education for Australia" initiative has $2.3 million in funding from the Australian Government through the Office for Learning and Teaching.

"As teacher educators, we face a significant challenge to both equip new teachers with skills and encourage a passion for inspiring their students - something we have seen happen through 'real' mathematics and science," says project leader, Associate Professor Joanne Mulligan.

"If we don't equip teachers with real science, we miss out on the extended benefits of a scientifically literate society, and all the positive impacts that come out of this knowledge."

To encourage this focus on authentic, inquiry-based learning, a key feature of the Opening Real Science project is the collaboration with world-leading mathematicians, scientists and educators. Many of the collaborators have been working with schools for decades in outreach programs across areas including astronomy, chemistry and mathematics - so they are uniquely poised to share about the benefits of discovery in the classroom.

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Visiting school students explore the night sky in our planetarium. Photo credit: Paul Wright










Visiting school students explore the night sky in Macquarie's Planetarium
Photo credit: Paul Wright

The Big History Institute is developing the Opening Real Science Gateway Unit Discovering Real Science through Big History, designed to introduce, connect, and contextualise the science and mathematics concepts that will be covered throughout the ORS modules.