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Students frequently respond to a Big History course with the confronting sense that this fantastic narrative has suddenly ended dramatically, here in the present, with our complex modern reality.

From the earliest versions that Professor David Christian taught, students would say: "You can't stop now, you've just taken us on a journey of billions of years, through eight threshold of increasing complexity... what's next?"

This sense of Big History motivating a deep reflection on our future trajectory is captured by the common questions: "What about threshold nine? What will that be? What will it mean?"

Threshold Nine

The Big History Institute has used Threshold Nine for the name for our newsletter to student and associate members and the general public. Where Big History courses spark an interest, Threshold Nine will keep the flame alive.

Threshold Nine provides regular updates to our global community of members and partners with news and events from the Institute and Big History more generally. Threshold Nine provides a curated list of must-read news articles, publications and blogs across the spectrum of Big History's eight thresholds, keeping everyone updated on the latest new knowledge. 

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